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Did you know that immigrants make up nearly half of Toronto’s population, at 47%? In The Green Line's May Action Journey explainer, our engagement reporter James Westman breaks down what diaspora looks like in Toronto, the idea of “othering” in Canadian politics and the struggle for immigrants to participate in local democracy.
In these two feature op-eds, Sabreena Delhon looks at how online hate targeting local diasporic communities may pose a serious threat to their participation in our democracy, while Susitha Wanigaratne uncovers how a lack of research into immigrants’ diverse experiences with health issues has led to policymakers neglecting their healthcare needs.
In partnership with The Samara Centre for Democracy, our event will look at how diasporic politics shape our local democracy, and explore hopes, solutions and concrete steps for managing this complexity. Featuring panelists Jaskaran Sandhu (State Strategy, Baaz News), Cheuk Kwan (Toronto Association for Democracy in China) and Ryan Singh (Indo-Caribbean Association).
Coming soon.