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Did you know that for 85% of people across the GTA — that’s almost 5.5 million — owning a home in the city remains out of reach? And renting isn’t much easier. Torontonians need to earn about $80,000 a year to pay market rent for a two-bedroom apartment. We break down the math that shows how most Torontonians’ incomes don’t align with the city’s sky-high housing costs.
Freelance reporter Aloysius Wong produced a solutions-focused story series, which looks at different facets of housing in Toronto through the experiences of individual Torontonians. We dive into why most people can’t afford to buy or rent in our city, the reasons behind Toronto’s housing crisis and the pipeline from unaffordability to living on the streets.
In partnership with Stories of Ours, our storytelling event on March 19, 2024 centres the experiences of people who’ve navigated our city’s challenging housing ecosystem, from renting to buying. Event attendees will have a chance to hear the stories, and then gather in small groups to brainstorm community-led solutions to navigate housing in Toronto. RSVP now.
Solutions that emerged emphasized the importance of being involved in tenant advocacy groups, getting your neighbours on the same page and taking legal action against landlords. The Green Line engagement reporter Adele Lukusa compiled these and other community-driven solutions, which you can take action on in your neighbourhood.