Wychwood: Could this be Toronto’s most cheerful neighbourhood?

Boasting a strong sense of community, Wychwood residents say they're surrounded by green parks and a vibrant art scene – enough to fill up anyone’s Toronto to-do list.

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THIS Wychwood resident describes her neighbourhood as "modern, chic, a little edgy and also cutesy."



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Adele Lukusa BW

Adele Lukusa

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June 25, 2024

The neighbourhood of Wychwood, located in the northern part of Old Toronto, is home to a small community of immigrants from Portugal, Italy, China and more.

Lining the St. Clair Avenue West strip are gems like Chinese restaurant staple Dragon Delight and beloved Portuguese barbecue spot Churrasco of St . Clair, as well as many new restaurants and old haunts.

Nothing brings the neighbourhood together like annual events, as residents in our video reminisce on celebrations like the Day of the Dead Celebration (a.k.a. Día de los Muertos) in November or the Latin Fair in June, both hosted at the Wychwood Barns. These are moments when Wychwood welcomes the city with open arms. 

If you’re looking for an underrated place with a chic social scene, homey-feeling restaurant or friendly locals to chat with, then a visit to Wychwood should top your list. 

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