Scarborough Subway saga: Will it ever open?

Some local residents are increasingly skeptical about the timely completion of their long-awaited Subway Extension.

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Scarborough resident and TTC user Austin says he doesn't believe the Scarborough Subway will be completed by 2030.

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March 20, 2024

Scarborough residents have one burning question on their minds: When will the Subway Extension finally open?

Between unfulfilled promises and delayed deadlines, faith in Metrolinx and the city's transit plans is dwindling for the Scarberians we interviewed in this video.

Scarborough has been hit hard by transit interruptions, and even though a dedicated busway has been funded, skepticism remains.

Metrolinx and the contractors behind the subway project have a troubled track record, thanks to the multi-year delays with the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, casting doubt on their promises.

Will Scarborough's subway dreams finally become reality by 2030, or is this just another Toronto transit pipe dream? Stay tuned, as we try to uncover the expected completion date.

Want the full scoop on Scarborough's transit trials? Watch the video, above, for an in-depth look.

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