What’s in My Fridge #1: Anoke Dunston

What's In My Fridge #1 Anoke Dunston Feature Image

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a person by what’s in their fridge… That’s the idea behind our new IG-exclusive series — What’s In My Fridge? — where we learn about Torontonians by going through the contents of their fridges. Today, we’re launching with a post featuring Anoke Dunston (@ahh.noke), an avid runner and community builder based in Scarborough.

Did anything surprise or tantalize you? All we know is that we’re def heading to Scarborough to eat some of Anoke’s mom’s curry. ????If you want to be featured or to nominate someone for this series, send us a DM or give us a shout in the comments ????️

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Julia Lawrence

Julia Lawrence