A cinematic journey through woburn

The Green Line takes Torontonians on a journey through our lens to uncover the aesthetic side of Woburn, a neighbourhood in Scarborough.

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A plaza sign for Rumi Plaza at 565 Markham Rd. in Golfdale-Cedarbrae-Woburn.
๐Ÿ“ธ: Anthony Lippa-Hardy/The Green Line.

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Anthony Lippa-Hardy

Mississauga native currently studying journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University. Loves to explore different visual mediums to tell impactful stories that need to be seen.


March 29, 2024

Step inside the world of Golfdale-Cedarbrae-Woburn through a 40-second journey that offers a unique lens on this Scarborough neighbourhood.

With Strawberry Guy's "What Would I Do?" providing a musical backdrop, the video weaves through the community's day-to-day. From walking past independent stores boasting deals at local plazas to browsing through Value Village, each scene is a slice of life from the streets of this diverse suburb.

Catch glimpses of the neighbourhood's spirit, where residents' smiling faces juxtapose with posters making distressed calls for housing support, painting a vivid picture of a community that's both vibrant and reflective.

This isn't just another local tour โ€” it's an invitation to take a nuanced look at Golfdale-Cedarbrae-Woburn, where hope and challenges intertwine, inviting deeper reflection on the neighbourhood's layers.

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