A cinematic journey through Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park

Discover the charm of this Scarborough neighbourhood with The Green Line.


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Adele Lukusa BW

Adele Lukusa

A graduate of TMU, Kitchener native enamoured with Toronto and lover of Jamila Woods. Currently working on supporting mutual aid efforts and unpacking the nuances of Black haircare.

July 1, 2024

This picturesque taste of suburbia in the heart of Scarborough is where you can find communal living spaces surrounded by beautiful greenery.

The boundaries of Kingston Galloway/Orton Park — a.k.a. KGO — sit west of Scarborough Golf Club Road, east to Manse Road, north past Ellesmere Road, to south of Kingston Road. Here, semi-detached houses and apartments are queen, leaving room for spacious playgrounds that entertain the many young families in the area. Kids and adults alike can enjoy a round of tennis or a scenic walk down the trails in Botany Hill Park and Morningside Park.

Businesses in plazas are weaved into neighbourhoods, including local pharmacies, convenience stores and one boasting Jamaican restaurant Food Kulture Bistro.

Walking down the street, you’ll frequently hear Tagalog, Tamil or Bengali, as nearly half of the residents come from immigrant families that make up KGO's lively blended community in this underrated gem of our city.

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