‘Golden Age of Homelessness’ is over, says former homeless man

A man stands across from a building.
Olivier M. stands across from 167 College St., the former location of the Salvation Army Hope Shelter until 2015. (Aloysius Wong/The Green Line)

How does it feel to live without a home? 🏠

“Well, you feel like a ghost. You feel disconnected from the general people that you see around you,” says Olivier M., who was formerly homeless in Toronto.

In partnership with CityNews, #TheGreenLineTO community producers Aloysius Wong (@alowishoes) and Mahdis Habibinia (@mahdishabibinia) spoke to Torontonians who’ve experienced homelessness to learn more about how they accessed resources and navigated the city.

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Aloysius Wong

Aloysius Wong