Dance show tours local schools to motivate youth to take climate action

Three members of The Fourth R are standing in formation while wearing their dance costumes.
From left to right, Emma Bartolomucci, Levi Stepp, and Audrianna Del Campo stand in formation during a school tour. (Emma Bartolomucci/The Fourth R)

Now touring local schools, ‘The Fourth R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Revolutionize’ is a theatre production that shows how our actions as consumers can impact the planet.

A local dance group is taking an innovative approach to climate education that’s helping students in Brockton Village turn their eco-anxiety into action.

“If they don’t learn it at school, if they’re not learning the importance of sustainability at school, unless they have parents that are really into it — it’s going to get lost. And we just cannot raise another generation that’s unaware,” explains Emma Bartolomucci, a choreographer and climate activist.

The Fourth R has played to students at four Toronto schools so far.

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Aloysius Wong

Aloysius Wong